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An in-hospital stay is not necessary for every surgical procedure. Some operations can be performed on an ambulatory basis as a same-day procedure.

At my private medical office, I offer such one-day procedures. You come to my medical office at a fixed time, I perform the procedure I had explained to you in detail earlier, and you will be permitted to go home a few hours later.

I perform outpatient surgical procedures in general anesthesia or twilight sleep. You will be cared for by an experienced anesthesia team specialized in same-day procedures. You fall asleep relaxed and will be monitored closely every second. After you wake up, you will have no memory of the procedure.
It's as relaxed and smooth as you could possibly get!

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of same-day surgery

  • Your operation appointment is guaranteed.
  • The surgeon you trust will operate on you.
  • A small treatment team will care for you competently and personally.
  • Highest quality standards and medical equipment as in a hospital.
  • You are permitted to go home the same evening.

for a same-day procedure

Whether operations are performed on an outpatient, day-surgery, or in-patient basis depends on various factors such as the type and scope of the operation and the patient’s general constitution. To achieve the best results for my patients in day-surgery procedures, it is essential for the anesthesia and surgical team to work closely during the operation. Conscientious aftercare by the patient is also crucial. Only if these two conditions are ensured can we achieve the best outcome for you as a patient.

Course of a day-surgery procedure

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Once you have decided to undergo a day-surgery procedure, we make a suitable appointment for the operation with you. You then receive all the information you need from the anesthesia team. Your anesthetist will contact you on time before the intervention and clarify all of your questions pertaining to anesthesia.

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Admission - Operation

On the day of the operation you should come to my medical office with an empty stomach and in comfortable clothing. Before the operation, I and the anesthesia team will inform you again about the course of the operation and answer any questions you may have. Our small and competent operating team will then prepare you for the operation and bring you to the operating room.

You will be relaxed, free of pain, and fast asleep during the operation. Even after the procedure you will have no memory of it. Our anesthesia team will closely monitor your vital signs such as heartbeat, blood pressure and oxygen levels during the entire procedure.

After the operation our operating team will bring you to the recovery room, where you will be able to recover from the operation. We will continue to monitor your vital signs during this time. One or two hours after the operation, you will check with me and the anesthesia team and will then be permitted to go home with your accompanying person.

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Your accompanying adult will bring you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours after the operation. Before you depart from the medical office, we shall inform your accompanying person in detail about what he/she should be careful of. To ensure you feel completely safe when you go home, we will also be available for you on the phone at any time.

Questions frequently asked by my patients

What operations can be performed on an outpatient basis?

Outpatient operations in a medical office basically do not differ from in-hospital surgical procedures. Day-surgery procedures may be considered for all treatments that can be completed in a day, and after which the patient can be discharged to go home the same day.

How does general anesthesia work on an outpatient basis?

When we prepare you for surgery, we first create an intravenous access for infusions. Later you will receive anesthetics through this access. In order to monitor your vital signs closely during anesthesia, we connect you to an ECG machine, a blood pressure monitor, and a finger clip for measuring your oxygen saturation.

After administration of the anesthetic medications, you will relax and go to sleep within a few seconds. You will be completely unaware of the entire operation. Even after you wake up you will have no memory of it. As the anesthetic medications may impair your respiratory drive, you will be under artificial ventilation during the procedure.

After the operation, the anesthesia team will discontinue the administration of the anesthetics and you will regain consciousness rapidly. In the recovery room you will be able to recover from the operation and the anesthesia. Your vital signs will still be monitored by our experienced anesthesia team.

After consulting me and the anesthesia team, usually you will be permitted to go home one or two hours after the procedure. You will need to be accompanied by an adult who brings you home and takes care of you for 24 hours after the operation. To ensure you go home feeling safe, the day-surgery team will be available for you on the phone at all times.