Admission Surgery Discharge

Together with the anesthesia team we offer one-day operations which can be performed in a single day; an overnight hospital stay is not necessary.

We offer you a guaranteed operation date and competent personalized care during your stay.

Range of Modern Services in the Center of LINZ

  • Transparent organizational structures.
  • Medical equipment and standards as in a hospital.
  • You will be dealing with a doctor you trust and his treatment team.
  • You will be able to go home in the evening.
  • You will be actively involved in your recovery process.

Decision in favor of one-day surgery

  • Does the patient wish to undergo a one-day surgical procedure?
  • Can the operation be performed as a one-day surgical procedure?
  • If yes: does the patient fulfil the medical, social and organizational requirements for a one-day surgical procedure?

The decision in favor of one-day surgery is made jointly by taking all factors solely in the interest of the patient into account.

Organization and Course
of a One-day Surgical Procedure

Good cooperation between the patient, the medical specialist, and the one-day surgery team is essential.


Before the Operation

Once you and your doctor have decided that you should undergo a one-day surgical procedure, a suitable operation date is agreed upon with you. You will then receive the necessary information from the anesthesia team. The anesthetist will contact you before the one-day surgical procedure and clarify with you all relevant questions concerning anesthesia.


On the Day of the Operation

On the day of the operation you will come to the medical office in a fasted state, in comfortable clothing. Prior to the operation your doctor and the anesthetist will again inform you and clarify everything with you. You will then be prepared for the operation and brought to the operating room. After the operation you will be brought to the recovery room where you can relax and rest. Your vital parameters (ECG, blood pressure, oxygen levels) will still be monitored during this time. Usually – depending on the views of your surgeon and anesthetist – you can be discharged one or two hours after the operation.


After the operation

An accompanying person named by you will bring you home and stay with you for the next 24 hours. To ensure you go home feeling safe and secure, we will be accessible to you at all times.